Collect NFTs, After you win each game. Based on the ranking results, you will receive the corresponding diamond reward. After the end of the pre sale, the conversion will be updated into the game and you withdraw money to your wallet.


Pre Sale End at 10 Jan, 2023

Listing Price: 1 BIBI = 1 USD

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap , Dex exchanges at 10 Jan, 2023 .

Aleister Hero Character

Pre Sale

Get it now while it's cheap (MAX 10 BNB) Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 150 BIBI, Max Buy 10 BNB = 150,000 BIBI

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Hecate Hero Character

CLAIM Airdrop

Claim 12 BIBI WORLD (BIBI) for the first 100,000 people Each address is only required to receive 1 time. Referral friends to get 30% commission from claiming and receive 50% BNB only ref.

Claim 12 BIBI
Theregar Hero Character


Referral to get 30% BNB + 50 BIBI per Airdrop and Buy. Referral NO LIMIT ! Bonus is paid in Binance coin. ...

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Secrets for new players

The match kicks off.

You compete in a race with 60 other players, with moves like jumping, grabbing, or gliding to aid in the challenge.,faster

Passing conditions.

Aim to qualify for the next round by completing each randomly selected mini-game., Try to pass with the best rank.

Do not underestimate your opponent.

Players who are too slow or fail to complete the requirements will be disqualified., Master the rules of the game.


Players complete the mini-game around, the last players will be the winners.

Symbol - BIBI
Decimals - 18
Token Supply - 12 Million
Network - Binance Smart Chain

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